YOUR BODY IS LIKE A CAR – What do you drive?

Maintenance massage is to your body what a service is to your car. If you don’t service your car it will not run properly and you will eventually break down or have an accident.

It is pretty common knowledge that if you want your car to keep running properly you have to look after it and service it on a regular basis. This includes checking the oil and water, changing the tyres, cleaning the air filter and the list goes on. Once in a while some people forget to do some of these things and their car breaks down. Maybe you get a flat tyre perhaps it over heats or even worse the engine seizes! We understand the relationship between poor vehicle maintenance and the related problems that can evolve.

Our bodies are the most valuable thing that we own, it is our vehicle for the duration of our life. It is more valuable than any materialistic thing that we own including our car, house, smart phone or piece of jewellery, yet somehow, we treat it like that old piece of clothing we have been meaning to take to the op shop for ages.

So why are we neglecting our bodies maintenance? Maybe it’s lack of time or money? You might not be able to afford a Ferrari or that nice 4WD you dream off, but there is nothing wrong with driving a 20 year old Toyota Corolla, because if you have given it the regular maintenance it needs it will be more reliable than many newer cars!

You may not be able to afford private health care but you certainly cannot afford to let your body decline to a point of no return, especially when a little prevention could easily have been enough to get you through life’s long journey. You can buy new tyres, replace the belts in your cars engine, buy new bulbs when a break light is out and so on but you can’t buy spare parts for your body once its broken.

– Laura